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Aerolift Industrials B.V. new agent for Czech, Slovak and Poland

Aerolift Industrials B.V. new agent for Czech, Slovak and Poland

Publikováno: 4.2.2020

Company Conncept Machinery s.r.o. became a new agent of the company Aerolift Industrials B.V. for Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland. It also provides warranty and post-warranty service in this area.

Aerolift Industrial B.V. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of vacuum lifters and other special load handling equipment.

Aerolift Industrials B.V. has a worldwide reputation for knowhow and product quality in complete lifting solutions. We’ve designed and built innovative solutions for industrial lifting since the 1960’s. Since those early years, Aerolift has developed advanced product knowledge and a wealth of experience in many different industries. That experience enables us to read the needs of every industry fast and efficiently, and to design effective, customized solutions for every situation.

The complete production process is controlled under our own management. We have our own engineering department, production department and service department. An organizational structure that enables us to design and build the most complex solutions for almost any logistical purpose.

Most Aerolift lifting solutions are based on vacuum technology, due to the many benefits. We are the vacuum lifting expert in Holland and our products are used worldwide. Only when vacuum is not an option we design lifting solutions without vacuum.

The solutions of Aerolift Industrials B.V. stand out in simplicity and speed, and are designed to optimize your logistics. Depending on your environment the vacuum lifters can operate ‘stand-alone’ or in tandem with other handling equipment, such as cranes, loaders and forklifts. You may have some ideas of your own for a logistical solution.

Aerolift Industrials B.V. new agent for Czech, Slovak and Poland

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