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Vacuum lifter for turning concrete products

Vacuum lifter for turning concrete panels

Lifting concrete materials is perfect to be done by a vacuum lifter. The unique features of vacuum lifting technology are highly suitable for the concrete industry. Offering benefits in many places of the lifting process. During production, storage, internal transport, storage, transhipment and construction.

Thanks to the unique properties of vacuum handling, it is possible to demould, lift and turn concrete products all in one operation. Moreover, no embedded hoist facilities are required and the surface is not deformed in any way. The load remains fully intact, without disassembling or destroying the mould. Also, the curing time of the concrete material before demoulding is considerably shortened. Instead of at least 24 hours, demoulding is possible after 8 till 10 hours! This is possible due to the divided surface pressure of a suction pad. After removing the concrete product from the mould, you can turn the product and store it either horizontally or vertically, regardless of its shape and weight.

Besides the shortened curing time before demoulding, we also offer a solution which accelerates the hardening process of your concrete. Further improving the production speed of your concrete products. This is possible with the low-pressure steam generator. The low-pressure steam generator enables you to accelerate the hardening process without quality loss.

Added to the benefits of vacuum lifting during demoulding, vacuum technology offers yet more advantages for concrete handling and concrete assembling:

  • No additional costs, because no embeds are needed;
  • Less manpower, because no embeds need to be installed or removed;
  • Handling goes faster;
  • Less chance of damage during handling;
  • Less chance of cracks in the concrete material;
  • Reduced chance of accidents, because no one has to be near the load before, during or after handling;
  • More safe due to an alarm system and hang-on time;
  • Efficient use of storage space.


Vacuum handling is especially suited to processes of a repetitive nature. For example, vacuum lifters are increasingly being used in concrete handling. Such as floors, walls, staircases, sleepers, pipes, concrete piles, retaining walls, tunnel elements, tanks and others. The scope is endless.

Aerolift concrete vacuum lifters are frequently used in large-scale construction projects. Housing construction, industrial construction, tunnel construction and stadium building are some examples. A major advantage is that no embedded hoist facilities are required. With no risk of damaging the load, the concrete element can simply be placed into position. What's more, you can use a vacuum lifter on different locations during the construction proces

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