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Telescopic sheet lifters

Telescopic tongs for handling sheet metal bundles
The tongs are designed primarily for fast and safe handling of sheet metal bundles, but it can also be used for handling other types of loads, such as slabs, bales, etc.
Tongs are made to order according to individual customer requirements. The technical solution of the tongs is based primarily on the variability of load dimensions (length, width, height).
The tongs consist of several basic parts: an upper hinge for hanging on a crane hook, a tong house and telescopic-extending arms.

The tongs are equipped with sensors that signal the grip of the load and the loading of the load.

Sensors that signal the gripping of the load are switched by the side rails. As soon as the tongs grip the load, both side rails are compressed and switch sensors. The clamping of the tongs is automatically switched off.

Sensors for loading are located in the support feet of the tongs and are switched by cams, which are also the feet of the tongs. When the load is lifted, the cams switch sensors. At that point, the opening of the tongs is blocked. 

The tongs are equipped with a light signal that informs the operator about individual steps (clamping of the load, loading of the load).

The tongs can be equipped with an electromotive swivel hinge for rotating the pliers about a vertical axis.

Telescopic tongs can be equipped with other accessories, such as hanging hooks on the tongs house, digital scale, laser sensors, etc.

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