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C-hook with counterweight

C-hook with counterweight - Conncept Machinery s.r.o.
C-hooks are used for handling loads with a cavity, such as coils of sheets, paper rolls, coils of wires, pipes, tubes.
The C-hooks are designed so that in the unloaded state the loading surface is horizontal. When transporting the load C-hook is slightly tilted backwards
The C-hook is equipped with a counterweight which aligns the C-hook in the unloaded state to a horizontal position, i.e. to a position where the loading surface of the C-hook is horizontal. This position allows the C-hook to be easily inserted into the load cavity and the load to be picked up.
After lifting the load, the C-hook tilts slightly backwards. This is achieved by the correct position of the upper hinge. This prevents the load from slipping during transport.
To increase the protection against damage to the load, the C-hook can be equipped with a lining of the loading or stop part. In most cases are used materials such as Sexutex, rubber or PVC.
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