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Loading forks / Pallet forks

Loading fork / Pallet fork<br />Loading fork with adjustable upper hinge, constant height and continuously adjustable fork distance
The loading fork is used primarily for transporting loads on pallets. It can also be used for handling other types of loads, such as tube bundles, profile or sheet bundles. However, it must be ensured that there is sufficient space under the load for the load forks, eg by inserting wooden prisms under the load.
The special design of the loading forks can also be adapted for the handling other types of loads - such as sheet coils, wire coils, etc.
The loading fork consist of three basic parts: the steel bearing structure, the upper hinge and the load forks. The design of the upper hinge is adapted to the crane hook. Loading forks could be equiped with 2 or more forks. Forks could be be either fixed (ie fixed pitch) or adjustable.
Loading fork can be designed with constant height or adjustable heigh.
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