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Electro-permanent tilting lifting beam for hangling sheet metals - TREFIX-V

Electro-permanent tilting lifting beam for hangling sheet metals

The electro-permanent beams of the Trefix-V series have been designed to handle (transport in horizontal position, rotation) large sheet metals of any predefined thickness and length with no need of telescopic movements. Suitable for warehouses with metal rack storage systems. The load is lifted from above without deformation or damage, and remains clamped indefinitely with a constant force, limiting the energy consumption to the magnetic activation or deactivation cycles. They do not require the installation of buffer batteries, feature an “anti-accidental deactivation” system, and offer as well the possibility of selecting the modules to be magnetized according to the size of the load. Thanks to the provided remote control, a single operator is able to carry out all the operations while remaining at a safe distance from the load.

Detailed information given in the catalog - see. Documents to download

Purpose of the device

  • transport of loads in a horizontal position
  • transport in vertical position
  • sheet metal rotation
  • handling of sheets, slabs, blocks
  • lifting sheets, slabs, blocks
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